• Walking the ClarkWalk? Here's what to do:

    • Download the 2-part soundtrack via Bandcamp by clicking HERE

    • Make sure you have enough space on your listening device. You'll have your choice of eight(!) download formats. We strongly suggest clicking on the format dropdown window when you have the download page up, and selecting at least the bigger of the mp3 options. It'll sound better than that first one. 

    • If data is not an issue, and you'd prefer to stream the soundtrack, here's a link to it on SoundCloud

    • Don't forget your headphones!

    • Begin the walk on Clark Drive at 6th Avenue. A friendly ClarkWalk Wayfinder will be on hand to point you in the right direction. We suggest starting the walk sometime between 6 and 7pm, but if you want to start earlier, feel free. It’s self-guided and self-paced, so don’t worry about waiting for someone to tell you when to start or where to go.

    • Make your way North to Powell Street while listening to the soundtrack and taking your own pictures.

    • You can stray as far as one block East or West of Clark Drive.

    • We'll be sorting through images you post to Instagram in real time with the hashtag #ClarkWalk and featuring a selection of them on our community participation wall. Our Instagram is 

    Coming just for the event?

    • The venue will be open from 7pm onwards. We'll have a ClarkWalk Wayfinder near the corner of Clark and Powell to show you the way to the space.

    • Please note: the venue is on the second floor and unfortunately is not accessible. The are 3 sets of 6-8 stairs.  

    • Live music by Interior Design, The Nausea and Low Knoll (with an accompanying video piece will begin at 9pm. 

    • There will be also plenty of time to enjoy the exhibit and hang out after the set.

    • Admission is by donation (may we suggest $10?), with all proceeds going to support the project.

    • The ClarkWalk photographers' artwork will be available for sale.  

    • Refreshments will be available (cash only).